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NFKB2 - nuclear factor kappa B subunit 2

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Entrez IDEnsEMBL IDPreferred NameUniprot ID
4791 ENSG00000077150 NFKB2 Q00653

List of causal flows containing the regulator.

Causal Flows are statistically significant links between putative causal events (somatic mutations, copy number variations, chromosomal translocations, etc.) and the activity levels of regulators and regulons. In the causal flow, a mutation may causally activate or deactivate a downstream regulator which then might up- down-regulates a regulonthat contains genes with similar expression profiles and binding sites.

Causal Mechanistic Flows for Regulator: NFKB2

MutationRegulatorRoleRegulonCox Hazard RatioTranscriptional Program

Regulator Causal Mechanistic Flow Network

Cytoscape network of the regulator, with upstream mutations and downstream regulons.

Influences from mutations (magenta chevrons) to this regulator (blue triangles) and then from the regulator to the downstream regulons (red square) are indicated with colored edges. Red-colored edges denote up-regulation or activation while green colored edges represent down-regulation or repression.